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What is WebRupee?

Symbol for Indian currency was approved by the Union Cabinet on 15 July 2010. WebRupee is a web API for the symbol of Indian currency, it makes the rupee symbol available to everybody on the web.

WebRupee API provides a simple, cross browser method for using the Rupee symbol on your webpage, blog or anywhere on the web.

A Sample Output

Rs. 200 » This rupee symbol is dynamically generated by WebRupee API for web viewing. It's not an image.
Try copying the 'Rupee symbol and 200', and paste it somewhere(like notepad). Wham! It just printed 'Rs. 200'.
Well that means if somebody copies text from your site and pastes it somewhere he will see Rs. and not some other or blank character.
How To Use WebRupee?

  1. Add a stylesheet link in the head section of your webpage:
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://cdn.webrupee.com/font">
  2. Add the following code enclosing your "Rs."
    <span class="WebRupee">Rs.</span> 200
  1. Just include the following javascript and it will update all the " Rs " / " Rs. " for you
    <script src="http://cdn.webrupee.com/js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Update - 27th Aug 2010

  1. You can now also use the new rupee symbol position U+20B9 ₹ INDIAN RUPEE SIGN accepted by Unicode, just write it in the following way:
    <span class="WebRupee">&#x20B9;</span> 500 output » 500
  2. If visitors copy this text and paste it somethere, they would require the support of the symbol, else they will see something like:
    ₹ 500


The Rupee symbol and its copyright belongs to Government of India.
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